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EURODEFENSE COUNCIL The Hague 12-14 October 2022

The second Council of EURODEFENSE Presidents took
place in the Hague from 12 to 14 October 2022, at the Royal Netherlands Society
of Engineers (KIVI) premisses, Prinsessegracht 23.

It has been very successful, perfectly organised by
EuroDéfense Nederland, in 3 sessions (Wednesday and Thursday afternoon, Friday
late morning).

On Tuesday morning, the delegations paid a particularly
interesting visit to TNO, with the participation of The Royal Netherlands Aerospace
Centre (NLR), the Maritime Research Institute (MARIN), Damen Naval shipyards
and Thales Netherlands. It included a frank, brillant and dynamic debate on the
European Defense Industrial and Technological

The programme of the meeting focused on :

       strategies aiming at enlarging the network and recruiting
young members,

       recommendations on EU Defence,

       recommendations for the future of the network,

       status of the working group on “climate change-energy-security and defense”;

       EU Space policy,

       current and intended security and defense policies by the European Commission, introduced
by Mr. Stijn MOLS, EEAS Head of Division Security and Defence Policy

–   situation in the Mediterranean Basin.


On Friday morning, EuroDéfense-Nederland had organised
a conference with the following speakers :

      Mr Sander van der Sluis (Head of European Union
Defence Policy at NL MoD) : Netherlands Defence policy white paper 2022

      Mr Maarten Lutje Schipholt (NL Industries for Defence
and Security foundation NIDV) : Industry views on European cooperation

       Mr Ron Keller (former Netherlands Ambassador to a.o. Ankara, Kiev, Moscow and Beijing)
: Observations on European foreign policy, impact of the Ukraine war

 A very successful meeting indeed!

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Changing Security Dynamics in the Nordics



The War in Ukraine has caused a great upheaval for the existing European security architecture. The ripple effect has been most salient in the Nordic States as Denmark, Finland, and Sweden abandoned security stances that were considered far-fetched just months ago. For Denmark, the revision of the EU defense opt-out leads to a more coherent EU defense cooperation. However, as Peter Viggo Jakobsen shows, it obfuscates a feeling of general content on the overall security situation and a complacency when it comes to increasing its defensive capacities. Across the Kattegat, Gunilla Herolf observes that Sweden is abandoning its long tradition of non-alignment (and previously a neutrality policy). Although it had been inching closer to NATO since 2014,  its full accession is to have a drastic effect as it provides the alliance with critical strategic depth to the alliance. As a result of this NATO will be more able to protect the Baltic states and to dominate the Baltic Sea.  Lastly, Hanna Ojanen explains how Finish defense policy has always been about Russia. 

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EURODEFENSE International meeting 2022

The annual meeting of the EURODEFENSE network, present in 15 countries, took place in Paris from 19 to 21 May 2022.

It started in the afternoon of the 19th with a visit of the “Musée Carnavalet”, presenting the History of Paris, followed by a reception at the “Quai d’Orsay”, of the Presidents of the network associations by M Alexandre VULIC, Deputy Director, Strategic Affairs, Security, Disarmament, at the Ministry of European and Foreign Affairs.

Friday 20 May was dedicated to a visit in the morning of AIRBUS at Elancourt facility, with a focus on Cyber Security, Secure Communications and Preparation of Combat Cloud, Massive Intelligence, and Spacecraft Electronics. In the afternoon, took place the Council of presidents at the Ecole Militaire, followed by an official dinner at the Cercle National des Armées, Place Saint Augustin.

On Saturday morning , EuroDéfense-France organised a public conference on the topic ”solidarity and Efficiency”. Speakers were :

– Sylvie Bermann, Ambassadrice de France, Ambassador to EU/PSC (2002-2005),

Ambassador to China (2011-2014), United Kingdom (2014-2017), and Russia (2017-2019).


– Hanna Ojanen, President of EuroDéfense-Finland, Research Director at Tempere University,

Adjunct Professor Finnish National Defence University.


– Robert Walter, President of EuroDéfense-UK and of the European Security and Defence Association, Member of Parliament (1997-2015).

– Alain Richard, “Val d’Oise” Senator, French Minister of Defence (1997-2002).

– Philippe Coq, Director of Public Affairs Airbus France.





Webinar: European Green Deal and Defence

The webinar “European Green Deal and Defence” will take place on the 1st october, from 18:00 to 19:30 (Brussels time). The event is organized by the EURODEFENSE EWG 1b working group with the aim of presenting and discussing the findings of the European working group 26b ‘’Energy, Climate, Security and Defence’’.

Conference: Diplomacy and Foreign Policy: is there a space for the European Union on the world stage?

What do we mean by European diplomacy? What progress do we need to make with community institutions so that we go forward together in a world in movement? What experience, tools, mechanisms and competences already exist within the European Union? What place does Europe have in the international organisations? Without forgetting the importance also of transatlantic relations, these are the type of strategic question which will direct the debate initiated by EuroDéfense-France on 18 October 2021.