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Newsletter 12 of EuroDefense-España (1st quarter 2022)

Newsletter #12, issued in April 2022, was deeply affected by the Russian invasion of Ukraine on 24th February and the terrible images of destruction and death shown all over the media and social networks. This topic is covered at length in the Editorial of our Vice-president, General AF Federico Yaniz (R). Professor Jesús Martín Ramírez, member of ED-España, expresses his personal reflections on the conflict, in an article written right on the second day of the invasion. Colonel Juan López Díaz, SP Marines (R), member of ED-España, analyzes Russo-Chinese relations in the context of the invasion and the limits of China’s lukewarm support for Russia in the conflict. Finally, Ambassador Manuel de la Cámara (R), member of ED-España Board, analyzes the so-called “reasons” of the Russian President to invade a sovereign state and the most likely consequences of this conflict.

Another landmark of the quarter was the approval of the Strategic Compass by the European Council on 24th March, that kind of “white book” with which the EU intends to boost the CSDP. On this Newsletter there are two articles on this issue. In the first one, General Luis Feliu (R), member of ED-España, reflects, with a point of skepticism, on the Strategic Compass. In the second one, Admiral Juan Cuadrillero (R), member of ED-España Board and Editor of the Newsletter, confronts the final text of the document with some of the expectations raised last year during its drafting process.

 Newsletter 12 concludes referring the visits of ED-España to SENER Aerospace Company and to the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the reviews of two books written by members of ED-España.

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Newsletter EuroDéfense-France July 2022

This newsletter includes :

The Editorial, 

by Jean Fournet, Lieutenant General (Armament Corps, retired), President of EuroDéfense-France.

The Strategic Compass and European diplomacy in action – March 2022,

 by François Laumonier, Former French Ambassador to Lithuania, and Nathalie de Kaniv, Delegate EuroDéfense-France. 

The EDITB and emerging countries: what strategy for France at the 2036 time horizon? 

Armaments & Sovereignty Talks – 3AED-IHEDN – 17 June 2021

Interview with Patrick Bellouard, Major General (Engineer, Retired).

The future of Europe’s defence: between national sovereignty and collective responsibility 

Strasbourg symposium – 9 March 2022 ; Conclusion delivered by Cyrille Schott, Regional Prefect (h)., former director of


Counterterrorism: the challenges facing the EU – 

Videoconference report of 10 January 2022 , 

By Gilles de Kerchove, Former EU Counterterrorism Coordinator (2007-2021) 


EURODEFENSE international meeting

Paris , École Militaire- 19-21 May 2022

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