Reports of the Observatories
Rapports des Observatoires

Mediterranean Observatory – Early Warning: Libya

Four years after the rebels and NATO air campaign overthrew Kaddafi, the cohesive political entity known as Libya does not exist as such anymore. The Central government is only a name and tribal and different religious factions are struggling for the power and above all to own and manage the country’s oil wealth.

Space Observatory – A Space Policy for the Defence of Europe

Europe should embark on reasonable development of its space-based facilities by embracing the concept of self sufficiency: this entails the acquisition of assets which are modest compared to American equipment, but which will enable it to verify and analyse data that are sensitive and crucial for decision-taking in the event of a crisis, in accordance with the principle of “autonomous capabilities” which the European Council has endorsed many times over. As far as space-based infrastructure is concerned, Europe should have capabilities that are consistent with the Headline Goal 2010 adopted by the European Union.