European defence
European defence

Report of the Space Observatory – July 2023

It is high time for Europe to become more proactive in increasing its resilience to space system disruption; it must cultivate strategic autonomy in this regard, while maintaining itself as a leading actor in a lucrative field of high technology and exerting a positive influence on the development of space security governance building in particular on the incredible innovation capacity of European SMEs.

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BOLETIN 14 – Eurodéfense Espana

Newsletter #14, issued in November 2022, has in its background the increasingly uncertain war in Ukraine. The conflict has entered a slow and continuous escalation, in which the aggressor, through attacks on the country’s energy infrastructure, tries to break the will to fight of the Ukrainian people and government. The future is uncertain because, although the statements of the leaders of the EU and other countries helping Ukraine show firmness, there are some hints of making this aid conditional to the Ukrainian government adopting the possibility of negotiating with his aggressor, even if there is no indication that the other party has a willingness to negotiate.

 In the Editorial General AF Federico Yaniz (R), Vice-president of ED-España, describes the way in which the EU has helped Ukraine and continues to do so directly and indirectly, going into detail over the Conclusions of the EU Council of last 20th and 21st October.

 The number also includes Spanish translations of the Reports of the Migration Policy and the Mediterranean Basin EuroDefense Observatories prepared by Ambassador De la Cámara, on behalf of ED-España, for the Council of Presidents in The Hague last October.

 General AF Federico Yaniz (R) presents us the advances made by the EU in the space field.

 General Luis Feliu (R), member of ED-España, focuses on the need for the EU to review its strategic interests and determine the best way to defend them under the foreseeable new international scenario.

 Colonel Juan López Díaz, SP Marines (R), and Mr. Conrado Navarro, members of ED-España, present us a paper on the current energy situation, the transition to non-fossil fuel energy and his effect in the fields of Security and Defense.

 Finally, Dr. Tina Linhard, International University of Profesional Studies Maui (Hawaii), and Dr. Martín Ramírez, member of ED-España, reflect on a planned new world order initiated by certain groups of interest in the West.

 Newsletter #14 concludes with the traditional sections of news and reviews.

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EURODEFENSE International meeting 2022

The annual meeting of the EURODEFENSE network, present in 15 countries, took place in Paris from 19 to 21 May 2022.

It started in the afternoon of the 19th with a visit of the “Musée Carnavalet”, presenting the History of Paris, followed by a reception at the “Quai d’Orsay”, of the Presidents of the network associations by M Alexandre VULIC, Deputy Director, Strategic Affairs, Security, Disarmament, at the Ministry of European and Foreign Affairs.

Friday 20 May was dedicated to a visit in the morning of AIRBUS at Elancourt facility, with a focus on Cyber Security, Secure Communications and Preparation of Combat Cloud, Massive Intelligence, and Spacecraft Electronics. In the afternoon, took place the Council of presidents at the Ecole Militaire, followed by an official dinner at the Cercle National des Armées, Place Saint Augustin.

On Saturday morning , EuroDéfense-France organised a public conference on the topic ”solidarity and Efficiency”. Speakers were :

– Sylvie Bermann, Ambassadrice de France, Ambassador to EU/PSC (2002-2005),

Ambassador to China (2011-2014), United Kingdom (2014-2017), and Russia (2017-2019).


– Hanna Ojanen, President of EuroDéfense-Finland, Research Director at Tempere University,

Adjunct Professor Finnish National Defence University.


– Robert Walter, President of EuroDéfense-UK and of the European Security and Defence Association, Member of Parliament (1997-2015).

– Alain Richard, “Val d’Oise” Senator, French Minister of Defence (1997-2002).

– Philippe Coq, Director of Public Affairs Airbus France.