Eurodefense Network


Date of creation : 2021

President : Romain Lefebvre

Secretary-general : Camilla Benghezal

Email :

The President

Romain Lefebvre is the chairman of EuroDéfense-Denmark. He has a Master is Geopolitics from the French Institute of Geopolitics (Paris 8) and a Master in Law. He served in the French Defence as an Army officer from 2006 to 2014. He has consultancy experience in defence, security and human rights, both in public and private organisations. He is currently public procurement consultant in France, strategic advisor in international security in Denmark and recently joined the Danish Defence as a reserve officer. He lives in Copenhagen, is married and has 2 children.

The Secretary General

Camilla Amira Ingrid Benghezal is the Secretary General of Eurodefense Denmark. She holds a Master’s degree in International Security from Sciences Po (Paris) and specialized in Defense and Security Economics and European Studies. Camilla served in the French Navy as a Supply Officer aboard the Landing Helicopters Dock “Mistral”. She also worked at the French Defence Attache Office in Copenhagen. She has both Danish and French citizenship.