Eurodefense Network


Date of creation : 1995

President : Fabrizio Luccioli

Secretary-general : Rear Admiral Cesare Ciocca

Email :

Phone numbers : +39 06 687 33 76, +39 06 687 37 86

The President

Fabrizio W. Luciolli is Professor of International Security Organizations at the Centre for High Defense Studies of the Italian Ministry of Defense (2000-2015). 

President of the Italian Atlantic Committee, during 2015-2020 he has been elected president of the Atlantic Treaty Association and has improved NATO-EU cooperation by promoting at EU Parliament high-level meetings and events on terrorism, cyber security and hybrid warfare. 

He is a regular lecturer in various national and international, military, and academic institutions. Coordinator of Training Courses for military officers and diplomats in the Western Balkans and Middle East, he has been Director and promoter of EU and NATO cooperation projects in Central and South-eastern Europe. 

Prof. Luciolli has been Consultant on foreign affairs and security matters to Governments representatives and Members of Parliament and is Advisor for International and Institutional Relations of private groups. He is the author of several papers and articles published in national and foreign journals.

The Secretary General

Adm Cesare Ciocca is a retired Italian Navy Officer, graduated in the Naval Academy in Livorno from 1971 to 1975. 

He was on board on several military ships as artillery and missile officer, executive officer and commanding officer. He served also in the Navy General Staff, and since 1994 he was involved in the creation of the Italian Joint Senior Staff College as head curriculum planning and development, then appointed in 2007 as Joint Education Coordinator at the Centre for Higher Defence Studies. 

“Founding father” of the European Security and Defence College (ESDC), in 2008 he was elected for five years Chairperson of its Executive Academic Board and Chairperson of the Implementation Group for the “Military Erasmus”. After his retirement in June 2012, he collaborated with the Military Centre for Strategic Studies, the Centre for Defence Innovation of the Italian Joint General Staff, and the European Union Military Staff. 

Currently he is professor at the Niccolò Cusano on-line University in Rome for postgraduate masters on Defence Policy and Military History, and delivers lectures on the National Defence and EU Common Security and Defence Policy. He is also member of the Italian Atlantic Committee, the Istituto Studi Ricerche Informazioni Difesa, and of the Association Régionale Dauphiné-Savoie of the French Higher National Defence Studies Institute.