Eurodefense Network


Date of creation : 2006

Executive president: Liviu Muresan

Secretary General : Alexandru Georgescu

Email :

The Executive president

Dr. Liviu Mureșan is the President of Eurodefense Romania.

He has served as senior adviser to the Romanian Prime Minister, the government and the Minister of Interior. He was the first Enforcement Center, a twelve-nation police initiative. He currently leads the EURISC Foundation, a private Think tank focusing on security studies. He has contributed to and managed numerous international projects and has been a guest and keynote speaker in numerous international conferences and fora in Europe, Asia and the US.

The Secretary General

Dr. Alexandru Georgescu is the Secretary General of Eurodefense Romania. He is an Expert with the Department for Cybersecurity and Critical Infrastructure Protection of the National Institute for Research and Development in Informatics. 

He has an eclectic background, having studied Economics, then Geopolitics, and has obtained a PhD in Risk Engineering for Critical Infrastructure Systems. He is actively involved in advancing Critical Infrastructure Protection and Resilience issues through cooperation at international level and has worked on international projects for the European Space Agency, the Shanghai Institutes for International Studies and others. He is currently also moderating a Working Group on the Protection of Defense-related Critical Energy Infrastructures within the European Defence Agency’s Consultation Forum for Sustainable Energy in the Security and Defence Sectors. 

He is also affiliated with the European Center for Excellence for Blockchain, with the Romanian Association for Space Technology and Industry, and the EURISC Foundation. Coupled with significant International exposure, he is emerging as a notable member of a new generation of Romanian security experts.