Framework Nations invest in EUROCORPS, in addition to their national or other international commitments, because they do not want to put all their eggs in one basket. It would be a waste of national resources to view EUROCORPS only through tactical lenses and just as another Corps Headquarters. In the short term, EUROCORPS allows for risk diversification through access to resources held only by a limited number of partners. It is an insurance designed to supplement scarce national core capacities in times of crisis. Looking longer term, EUROCORPS provides a unique laboratory for the development of new technologies and interoperability.
By Colonel Eric Renaut , Branch Head Logistics of HQ EUROCORPS; in EUROCORPS publication, June 2023

Foreign Influence on International Military Students – Focus on the Portuguese Armed Forces

This piece addresses various aspects related to influences exerted on international military students, as part of their training and education, considering that, depending on a variety of factors, all this can have repercussions on the Armed Forces and, more broadly speaking, on their States of origin. International military cooperation is tied to Defense Diplomacy and to countries’ soft power.
This article highlights the Portuguese Armed Forces via two exclusive interviews with General (Ret.) Valença Pinto, Chairman of EuroDefense-Portugal, and Commodore João Silva Pereira, Director of the Portuguese Armed Forces’ Military Intelligence and Security Center.

BRICS – more than a G5?

“BRICS, a real G5 global actor, is consolidating its position as a competitor to G7, while the US and the EU find it more and more difficult to control economic development on a global scale and to impose Western values. The latest developments reported from the war in Ukraine have brought to the surface the difficulties in maintaining various countries’ willingness to continue their support for the war.”

Report of the Space Observatory – July 2023

It is high time for Europe to become more proactive in increasing its resilience to space system disruption; it must cultivate strategic autonomy in this regard, while maintaining itself as a leading actor in a lucrative field of high technology and exerting a positive influence on the development of space security governance building in particular on the incredible innovation capacity of European SMEs.


Online Council of Presidents (22 June 2023)
The irregular arrivals of migrants to the EU increased in 2021 and 2022 across most routes, showing the need to find a common and comprehensive approach to this phenomenon, as proposed in September 2020 by the European Commission in its New Pact on Migration and Asylum”.


Emphasising the importance of the Arctic region for Russia, just before the beginning of the presidency of the Arctic Council in 2021 (suspended following invasion of Ukraine), Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said: “It has been absolutely clear to everyone for a long time that this is our territory, this is our land”