Eurodefense Network
Our ambition

Our ambition

A European network formed by EuroDefense associations

A small group of concerned individuals came together in France in 1993 and created the EuroDefense association in March 1994. Their aims were to:

– Promote a European security and defence identity to the general public;

– Concretely contribute to developing a European defence spirit to establish and reinforce links with fellow associations in each European Union country.

The original intent of the network was to expand to all the countries of the European Union. As such, sister associations gradually emerged in Germany, and then in Italy, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Austria, Greece, Hungary, Czech Republic, and Romania. It was decided that each national association would be named EuroDéfense, followed by the country’s name in the language of its choice.

In 2001, the international EURODEFENSE network was created. It now comprises all the existing national associations and is governed by a charter to which these associations, and those seeking to join, subscribe. All associations share the same conviction: the importance of a strong common defence summarised as follows: “There can be no defence without Europe, nor Europe without defence.”

Together, they share a specific goal: “To continue searching for a unified and efficient European defence.”

 In EURODEFENSE’s opinion, European cooperation is the only effective way in which Europe can be a significant strategic player in years to come. No European country alone will maintain its current role and influence without further cooperation with others.

EURODEFENSE promotes and recognises :

– That the interest of EU members states is to acquire a capacity for rapid and effective decision making and action in the defence and security fields;
– That the magnitude of defence and security challenges facing the EU confirms the necessity to maintain a strategic alliance with the United States;
– That close cooperation between European defence industries is vital to create a common technological and industrial base in a context of heightened international competition;
– That strengthening Europe’s strategic position requires the combination and unity of all its members’ economic, industrial, and technological resources.

The international network of EURODEFENSE associations carries out its work through:

– National Presidents’ Council meetings twice a year;
– EURODEFENSE’s annual international meeting organised alternately by each association;
– European Working Groups (EWG) authorised by the Council of Presidents.

These events produce joint resolutions, summaries, and position papers made available to decision-makers and the public.

Since 2003, EuroDéfense-France has been providing the Secretariat for the international network.