Reports of the European Working Groups
Reports of the European Working Groups

Action plan of the European Commission on synergies between civil, defence and space industries

In cooperation with the Federation of European Defence Technology Associations (EDTA) EURODEFENSE has developed remarks on the “Action plan of the European Commission on synergies between civil, defence and space industries” as published on 22 February 2021 (EU reference COM(2021) 70). Among others, these comments have been sent to the Presidents of the European Commission, Council and Parliament.

Dynamics of Conflict associated with the Global Technological Society and Climate Change

The impact of the energy transition model in Europe and the World over the next few decades will lead to several advances in the fields of technology and science. This new report focuses on the fields of digital transformation and Artificial Intelligence (AI), the identification of innovative energy models, new efficient industrial components, communication processes, mapping of electrical networks and data management, and a whole use of resources and skills that can (hopefully) give to the society, people and the planet, a more balanced and sustainable alternative.

EDTA-Eurodefense Annual Partnership Report 2020

In November 2015 the EuroDéfense network and EDTA signed a partnership agreement. The complementary goals and interests of EuroDéfense and EDTA led to a logical relationship where information exchange and mutual support may help both associations in their endeavours.
Due to the corona crisis that also affected Europe from March 2021, activities were limited and often focused on a national level or absent. Hence, cooperation was limited in 2020.

EWG27 – Policy Proposal on EU Defense

EURODEFENSE Working Group 27 was established to “prepare a Policy Proposal to be submitted by EURODEFENSE to the security- and defence-related EU institutions such as the EU Council, the Commission and the EU Parliament” and formulate a concept for the development of the EU defence organisation within the present legal framework and given present political realities.

EWG26 – Energy Transition as an Operational Advantage for the Military

This report focuses on the policies, need and options for use of sustainable energy in major military combat systems like naval vessels, aircraft, vehicles and in military compounds, especially during operations. Energy transition could be a necessity to adapt to in a new fossil fuel free society and an opportunity to achieve a smaller logistical footprint or more effective military capabilities.

EWG23 – European defence cooperation on Education, Training and Simulation

European defence cooperation on education, training and simulation has many important advantages to enhance skills, share European military culture for our military men and women, and reduce costs. The importance of cooperative training and the intention to make training an element of the permanent structured cooperation has been agreed in the Lisbon Treaty. This intention was reinforced in more recent papers on European cooperation, but omitted in the European Defence Fund. Simulation technology for training goals was never mentioned. Hence, we believe cooperation on education, training and simulation needs more attention.