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National publications

The defence economy: A challenge to national SMEs

At a time when the pandemic forces us indoors, there are fewer cars on the road, brands are selling and producing fewer vehicles, many companies in the demanding automotive industry are forced to rethink their activity and positioning. Simultaneously, across the Atlantic, the north-American elections finally indicate a new direction for the country and for the relations it has maintained for many years, namely with the NATO partners.

Défense de l’Union Européenne: Enfin une réalité?

Depuis 2014 et l’annexion de l’Ukraine par la Russie, les initiatives en faveur de la défense de l’Union européenne se sont multipliées, au point que selon certains observateurs cette défense aurait fait plus de progrès en six ans qu’en cinquante. Cela reste à voir. Pour l’instant ces initiatives semblent manquer de cohérence et si les acronymes se sont multipliés, les capacités sont restées inchangées. C’est pourquoi un premier bilan s’impose afin d’identifier les obstacles qui se dressent sur la route d’ une “Union européenne de défense” et d’envisager comment les contourner.

Comments on the proposal to introduce a screening of third country nationals at the external borders

The European Commission has opened the possibility for interested parties to provide comments and feedback regarding the proposed Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council introducing a screening of third country nationals at the EU’s external borders (COM (2020) 612 final 2020/0278). EURODEFENSE-ESPAÑA would like to avail itself of this possibility to make the following comments:

The European Union pact on migration and asylum

On 23 September 2020, the European Commission proposed a so-called “New Pact on Migration and Asylum” -document COM (2020) 609 final-. In August 2020, EURODEFENSE-ESPAÑA presented to the Commission a paper on The New Pact, responding to the opportunity offered for interested parties to contribute to this debate. This paper was later distributed within the EURODEFENSE network.

The Arctic Ocean: a European perspective

Recent unexpectedly rapid melting of Arctic Ocean sea ice has captured the public imagination and created the impression of a „Race for the Arctic“. Beneath the heightened political rhetoric, national posturing and media hype about unresolved territorial claims, huge hydrocarbon resources and disappearing polar bears lies a complex and dynamic picture of disputed science, with inadequate data and unreliable predictions and increasing volatility in the energy market that is not
conducive to long term investment.

A new approach to European migration policy and security challenges

Illegal immigration is probably one of the main security challenges Europe is facing. Never in recent history have so many people wanted to settle in Europe, either because they are threatened in their home countries and they seek asylum, or simply for economic reasons, as they want to enjoy a better life. But can one really talk about a European migration policy?