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It is only natural that our attention should now be focused on the war in Ukraine and all its consequences. But this should not make us forget other areas of tension, real or potential, fraught with threats to our European space.

The development of the Mediterranean basin is a major and permanent source of concern in this respect. The very real energy crisis and competition for oil and natural gas resources; the food crisis that is likely to spread; the political situation in countries undergoing rapid demographic change where aspirations for change and revolt are combined; the exacerbation of the resulting regional antagonisms; are just a few examples that make ancient Mare Nostrum a zone of turmoil and great uncertainty.

This is why the network of EuroDéfense associations created a few years ago an Observatory on the Mediterranean basin led today by Manuel de la Cámara, Ambassador of Spain, and connoisseur of this area and its problems.

On November 24, 2022 from 17:00 to 18:30 (CET), a  webinar has taken place moderated by Jean FOURNET, President-in-office, EURODEFENSE network, with Ambassador Manuel de la Cámara as main speaker, who has presented the report of the observatory

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TEXT Manuel de la Cámara Méditerranée 24 11 2022



« Le Parlement européen doit rester à Strasbourg, et non déménager à Bruxelles !»

Dans sa lettre de réponse à Macron, Annegret Kramp- Karrenbauer, la présidente de la CDU, demande de mettre fin à « l’anachronisme» du siège strasbourgeois du Parlement européen et d’installer celui-ci à Bruxelles. Cyrille Schott s’y oppose et pense que ce serait une perte immense pour l’Europe.