Strategic Autonomy
Strategic Autonomy

Europe’s strategic autonomy : that obscure object of desire

Words are not sufficient. For too long, the EU has satisfied itself with a diplomacy of words, often moralistic and idealistic, but powerless in front of chaos and atrocities, as we saw in Yugoslavia and in many subsequent instances, with consequences, which Europe is the first to suffer from. The reason is that Member States, rather than integrating defence into a democratic construction where they would have a say, prefer to accept the humiliation and subservience that
are the price to pay for American protection. Doing so, not only do the Union and its Member States earn the contempt of other powers, but they also lose the respect of their own citizens.
The citizens of Europe are tired of the strategic babble of their leaders and the alphabet soup of acronyms they have been throwing around over the years under the pretence of building a “Europe of Defence”. They should stop talking and start acting. If they truly mean it, they should lose no time in creating the much-touted “European Defence Union”, another word for the “common defence” heralded in 1992 in the Maastricht treaty, for which Europe has been waiting for too long. Only then will they finally conquer the strategic autonomy they confusedly aspire to.

European Strategic Autonomy: myth or future reality?

The European Commission has underlined several times how strategic autonomy should encompass a variety of sectors, ranging from economy to security. With the election of Joe Biden in the United States the pillar of security and defense, fundamental to European strategic autonomy has received growing attention.

Visio-conférence du Général Vincent Desportes: “Souveraineté et défense de l’Europe: une ardente obligation post-pandémique”

Compte-rendu de la visio-conférence du Général Vincent Desportes, ancien directeur de l’Ecole de Guerre, Professeur des Universités associé à Sciences Po Paris, le 6 mai 2020.

Séminaire: « Les enjeux du fonds européen de défense pour l’autonomie stratégique de l’Union européenne »

Sous le parrainage de M. Jean Arthuis, Président de la commission des Budgets du Parlement européen, l’association européenne du secteur de la Défense, EuroDéfense, a tenu, mercredi 2 mai, un séminaire sur « Les enjeux du fonds européen de défense pour l’autonomie stratégique de l’Union européenne ». A cette occasion, l’état-major de l’UE, la Commission européenne, l’Agence européenne de défense, l’Organisation conjointe de coopération en matière d’armement et d’autres représentants du secteur ont été conviés à faire part de leur vision de l’Europe de la défense.