Grand-Père, c’est quoi l’Europe ?

Au-delà de l’interrogation de ses petits-enfants Jacques Favin Lévêque répond aux jeunes et aux moins jeunes. Il évoque les multiples défis du 21ème siècle et leur délivre un message de confiance et d’espoir pour parachever la construction européenne. Du même auteur : « Construire l’avenir avec sagesse » édité par la Société des écrivains.

NATO 2030: Towards a major evolution?

[IN FRENCH] The future of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) raises many questions. At the instigation of Heads of State and Government aiming to strengthen the political dimension of the Atlantic Alliance, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg convened a working group that submitted its report on November 25, 2020. Its conclusions will be food for thought for future ministerial meetings and NATO summits.

A renewed Ostpolitik? Visions from Germany and France

[IN FRENCH] Do we need an Ostpolitik (an Eastern policy) again? In Germany, some favour it, such as a former political leader from the SPD, Matthias Platzeck, in a book published in 2020. However, many criticise the French President’s call for strategic dialogue with Russia. The debate is open. The University of Bonn and the Institut français organised a round table on this topic in November 2020: “Do we need an Ostpolitik 2.0? Visions from Germany and France.” It is interesting to consider these two visions.

EU defence: Finally a reality?

[IN FRENCH] Since the annexation of Ukraine in 2014, initiatives favouring EU defence have multiplied to the point that, according to some observers, this defence has made more progress in six years than in fifty. It remains to be seen. For the moment, these initiatives seem to lack coherence, and if the acronyms have multiplied, the capabilities have remained unchanged. This is why a first assessment is necessary to identify the obstacles which stand in the way of an EU defence and how to get around them.

The Europe of cybersecurity through the prism of sovereignty, flows and integration. Three distinct readings of “collective and collaborative security”

[IN FRENCH] This article deals with the collaborative construction of a Europe of cybersecurity through three approaches: sovereignist, multi-partner, or integrationist. It is published as part of the Lille International Cybersecurity Forum (FIC 2021), entitled: “For a collective and collaborative cybersecurity”.