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Action plan of the European Commission on synergies between civil, defence and space industries

In cooperation with the Federation of European Defence Technology Associations (EDTA) EURODEFENSE has developed remarks on the “Action plan of the European Commission on synergies between civil, defence and space industries” as published on 22 February 2021 (EU reference COM(2021) 70). Among others, these comments have been sent to the Presidents of the European Commission, Council and Parliament.

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Russia and China are currently the most visible actors in the Arctic. Russia is the Arctic state with the most resources and a transit route but faces major domestic and regional challenges. On the other hand, China positions itself as a “near-Arctic state” with rights anchored not in international law but in a comprehensive national strategy that combines the economy, administration, para-military and military means in an impressive manner. The recent threat assessments of both the United States and NATO have paved the way for closer cooperation between the two countries in general and in the Arctic region in particular.


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