Newsletter EuroDéfense-France July 2022
Newsletter EuroDéfense-France July 2022

Newsletter EuroDéfense-France July 2022

This newsletter includes :

The Editorial, 

by Jean Fournet, Lieutenant General (Armament Corps, retired), President of EuroDéfense-France.

The Strategic Compass and European diplomacy in action – March 2022,

 by François Laumonier, Former French Ambassador to Lithuania, and Nathalie de Kaniv, Delegate EuroDéfense-France. 

The EDITB and emerging countries: what strategy for France at the 2036 time horizon? 

Armaments & Sovereignty Talks – 3AED-IHEDN – 17 June 2021

Interview with Patrick Bellouard, Major General (Engineer, Retired).

The future of Europe’s defence: between national sovereignty and collective responsibility 

Strasbourg symposium – 9 March 2022 ; Conclusion delivered by Cyrille Schott, Regional Prefect (h)., former director of


Counterterrorism: the challenges facing the EU – 

Videoconference report of 10 January 2022 , 

By Gilles de Kerchove, Former EU Counterterrorism Coordinator (2007-2021) 


EURODEFENSE international meeting

Paris , École Militaire- 19-21 May 2022

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